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2018 Representative Information:

Congratulation to Sharks Hockey players that have been selected for SSHA Representative Teams. 


U18 - Isabel Scortis, Tanisha Mavji

U15 - April Druery, Zoe Jay, Darcy Dalla-Bona, Keira Greening, Katelyn Parslow, Tanisha Mavji

U13/1 - Lahni Woodger, Brydie Fairfax, Emily Hindmarch, Coach: Kirsty Fraser

U13/2 - Chloe Burne, Eliza Parslow

We take this opportunity to congratulate these players and wish them well;

Honor Roll


    U18   -   Isabel Scortis

    U15   -   April Druery,  Hanna Krywulycz,  Tiahna Woodger

   U13A  -   Brydie Fairfax,  Keira Greening,  Emily Hindmarch,  Zoe Jay,  Lahni Woodger, Coach: Susan Jay

   U13B  -   Chloe Burne,  Chelsea Fraser,  Paige Walker, Coach: Kirsty Fraser

Indoor Hockey Honor Roll 

U18's - Isabel Scortis, Darcy Dalla-Bona

U15's - Darcy Dalla-Bona

SSHA 2017 U15 State Champions Div3

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