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Player Pathways

The players pathways acts as a guideline for players as to which level they should be competing at, with age being a loose guide. These pathways provide an environment that helps all player realise their potential, whether they want to play fun club hockey, or going on to play at higher levels and challenge themselves.


The under 7’s and 9’s provides basic hockey skills and techniques which assist the new young players into an enjoyable sport.


The under 11’s, 13’s and 15’s continue to teach more exciting new skills and techniques at a higher level that challenges our young players to play at a consistency with their new developed skills. We offer two avenues for our young athletes to enter; Sutherland Shire Hockey Association (SSHA) and Sydney East Hockey Association (SEHA), both providing a fun and challenging game of hockey.

7's - 9's


Intro to Hockey

11's - 13's -15's

       SSHA (11's, 13's, 15's)

    SEHA (13's, 15's)

Skill Development


Peak Performance

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