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Sharks Hockey 2020 JUNIORS


The 2020 season for Sharks Hockey Club season was short but very successful for our Sutherland based hockey club and we hope this success will continue into the 2021 season.

U7 Great White Sharks
This was a new team of enthusiastic young players who had a great time learning a bit about hockey. Smiles were the winners for this team and thanks to Annie Flack for coaching.

U 11 Zebra Sharks
This team really stepped up this year, many of the players were U9 however with no comp they stepped up and took on the 11-year olds. While it was a challenge they stepped up and tried as hard as they could. Thanks to their coaches Sahara Waide and Emily Hindmarsh for making it a fun enjoyable season.

U 13 Blacktip Sharks & Zebra Sharks
Sharks were able to field two teams in the Under 13 comp and the two teams helped each other out. There was rivalry and friendships formed. It was a great season for both these teams. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner. These teams are still young and we hope many of them will be back next season to further develop their skills. Thanks to coaches Tilly and  Renee as well as a big thanks to Jen for managing the



Under 15 Bull Sharks
The Under 15A Bull Sharks played in the A Grade SEHA competition.  The team had a great season and even though we struggled with players the team finished 4th and made the semi-finals. Every player in the team improved and a great season was had by all. A big thanks to Rick McConnell for helping out with coaching and teaching the players some new skills.


Under 18 Killer Sharks
The Killer Sharks won the Under 18 Division 2 competition. The team was a mix of new players and experienced players. A number of young U13 players helped out in this team and they grew in confidence and skills as the season progressed. It was a great season and fun was the winner. We found it a challenge getting our whole team to a game but when we did, they team was unbeatable.


A big thanks to Rick McConnell who gave up his Wednesday nights to help out at training and teach these young players some new skills.
















Great White Sharks

The Great White Sharks player's showed fantastic commitment by turning up to training and the game each week. The girls showed real spirit and a desire to win and their continued improvement in their hockey skills and sportsmanship each week was incredible to watch. The team bonding and friendships that blossomed on and off the field where an added bonus. We hope they all continue playing next year and look forward to seeing their leaps and bounds next season.        


























Whale Sharks

The Whale Sharks had a fantastic season with all players improving greatly over the season thanks to Taylah! Harry improved so much over the hockey season with pushing and trapping as well as defending in the goals! Jack improved so much over the hockey season with his massive pushes and turning his feet around to face the right direction! Sienna improved so much over the hockey season with her passing between her teammates and her dribbling is outstanding! Sophie improved so much over the hockey season always asking questions and eager to learn about hockey with her improvement in passing to other team players! Saoirse improved so much over the hockey season with her amazing pushing and trapping with the ball as well as her turn up to training very happy and eager to learn new skills to improve on the field! 















Mini Burras U9s


Zebra Sharks

It was such a pleasure to coach the Under 9 Zebra sharks this season as a team we grew and developed our skills every week. Everyone always put their best efforts into every game our team’s structure developed over the season as well, and everyone started to take preference to positions they wanted to play, Samuel was our very fast winger and ran the ball up the sideline into the circle accompanied by Charles who was always there supporting his teammates. Our other strikers Rachel and Chelsea who played high and got the ball past the opposition and toward the goal. Charlotte was very strong in both defense and attack and Alina and Luca always having a go and doing some great hits out of the other team’s reach. We had such an amazing season everyone played with such enthusiasm and seeing the team form as more than teammates but as friends. A special thanks to our manager Jane and assistant coach Michelle. I’m so proud of everyone’s effort this season, seeing you all improve and develop over the season and execute your skills in the game made me so happy. Thank you for an amazing season and for being such a fantastic team hope to see you all again.





Angel Sharks

What an amazing season The Angels have had, this lovely team have been together since minkies and have gone from strength to strength. This is their second season in the under 9s and hanks to their coaches Elly and Annika, were undefeated.  They are so ready to go up to U11s next season.




Kookaburra 8s

I have been very fortunate this year to coach the U11 Blacktip sharks, consisting of 9 amazing individuals. They are a very hard-working bunch of children who are willing to learn and improve new skills and develop their game play.  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to coach players who have never played; such as Christian and Ryan, who had never held a hockey stick before, to those who have played since under sevens; Amos, Malcom, Sienna, Sky, and Ann, all having improved a tremendous amount. We were lucky enough to have two player from U9’s; Paisley and Ruby who helped us out every week in goals as well as on the field.

Game by game the players improved on their hits, drags, marking and their positional play, becoming more consistent the closer we got to the end of the season.

Being one of the youngest teams in the competition, being in the finals looked like a long shot, however, we were able to use our new skills and techniques and display that on the field, scoring us a spot into the semi-finals versing the top team. Unfortunately we did not make it pass the finals, however, I am extremely proud of the effort and dedication each child put into their hockey, and I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of kids to coach. I can’t wait for next year where we will come back stronger with new and improved skills.





SEHA 13B Bull Sharks

The Bull Sharks had a strong season and finished the season as Minor Premiers. Unfortunately we were unable to take out the Premiership being beaten by a team with some much bigger and much stronger boys. The girls should all be commended for fighting their way back into the game when they were 5 nil down at half time to get back to 3-5 and attack for most of the second half. The score line did not reflect the game, the girls had lots of opportunities to score and just couldn’t find the goal.

The boys from St George were much bigger and stronger on the day. Kiera must be commended for her effort at the grandfinal there was not a ball that she did not chase and congratulations also to Lahni who was awarded the Best and Fairest in the grandfinal for the second year in a row. The team also appreciated Eliza and Jasmine stepping in to be goalkeepers for the game and also a big thank you to Paige who stepped into the team to help us out when Emily was in America. Alex had a rock solid performance and did some great last minute tackles on those big St George boys, whilst Anna, Hayley, Brydie and Chloe never stopped trying. Kaitlyn had some fantastic shots on goals and showed that she is developing into a player that has a good eye for the goal.

It was a great season and the girls continued to grow and develop into a great team and have developed some lovely friendships along the way. We didn’t get to do a lot of team training because of commitments which always makes the season hard, despite this you played like a team every week. I am looking forward to seeing this team develop as we move to Greenhills next season.


Mako Sharks


What an eventful season of hockey utilising their hockey skills and playing the game with dedication and determination on a grass filed at times represented a cow paddock.


We are proud of the improvement in their knowledge to read the game and try new positions and skills and most importantly, play as a team. 


We had two new to hockey players in our team this year who worked hard to learn the game and both walked away with a number of goals scored over the season and were valuable contributors.


Angela and I were blessed to coach and manage such lovely girls who show a great deal of respect for their teammates, officials and all who helped them have fun and be competitive hockey players.  We had five of our Mako sharks play at a representative level for SSHA U13’s.


We look forward to seeing the girls build upon their existing skills and knowledge to play a strong game on the Greenhill’s Turf in 2018


Thanks for a great season; you should all be proud of what you have learnt and how much you have developed.


We look forward to seeing you all again in 2018.





J2 Hammerhead Sharks

The J2 Hammerhead Sharks put up a good fight this season against the odds. The season started with a few setbacks when two of the players suffered season ending injuries in the first few weeks, which left the team with a bare 11. The team relied on the help of many of the clubs under 13 players who kindly gave up their Friday nights to helped us out each week. The other challenges for the team were training which many of the younger players found difficult to make and not having a permanent goalkeeper.

Despite these setbacks the team developed over the season and a good time was had by all. The team had some wins and some loses along the way and managed to make the semi-finals, which we lost. Clare, Sahara and Steph made great progress throughout the season and approached each game with lots of energy and enthusiasm, Tasia, Imogen, Cilla, Mikayla and Olivia put in some great performances during the season and are developing into good strong players, whilst Lahni and Emily were little pocket rockets running everywhere and Anika who has developed some great hockey skills that I am sure she will continue to develop. 

The players in this team will all benefit from the opportunity next season to train at an earlier time with their team mates. Thanks for a great season and I am looking forward to another great season next year at our new home at Greenhills.




 J1s Killer Sharks

Our U18 team had a strange season this year with only 3 teams in the comp and every other week playing 2 games but we made it to the finals!!   This team also plays in our womens teams. Great think about hockey is you never know what’s going to happen from one season to the next! Great effort girls.


Womens Hockey 2017

This season we had 2 teams in the women’s SEHA comp. Div 2 and 4

Sharks 2

Div 2 was a very young team and did very well to hold their position in the middle of the Div. This could be due to our amazing goalie who join us this season , Cassie. Next season we are looking to take this team further

Congrates to the award winners April, Cassie and Gabby



Sharks 4

What an amazing season this team has had, 80% of the players have just joined this team this season but you wanted have guessed this, they jelled so well. They went from strength to strength winning every game.  A loss and a draw on the way but they made it to the Grand Final. No nerves here, they played an excellent game of hockey and were victorious with a 3-0 win

Sharks Senior 4s 3-0 winners of the SEHA comp
Best and Fairest awarded to our fabulous Captain Susan J 
Highest goal scorer in the grade Katrina L amazing effort 
Massive, huge, shout out to their Coach Andrew for all his time and effort he has put into the team and Mitch's timeless hours he puts in with all our girls 
Thank you and well done girls
See you all in S3s next year

Congratulations to the Sharks award winners Bronte and Zoe



U7 Whales Sharks  

Our 2016 team was made up of 5 players all brand new to hockey. The team bonded well and all kids eagerly looking forward to their early Saturday morning starts. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the skills session, held mid season, with the Associations NSW rep players hoping to achieve this one day themselves. Each week the Whale Sharks gained more and more confidence and improved so much that they even started scoring goals!!  A Best Team Player trophy was awarded each week which greatly helped build confidence and to act as a reminder of their achievement each weekend. This also helps to signify that they belong to something and to help create memories that will last forever. We would like to thank Lauren the coach for her commitment to the team and we would also like to thank the Association for running of the Under 7 program.  Congratulations to Chelsea, Mila, Rachel, Brady and Sophie on their effort and huge improvement that they made throughout the season. The best thing is all the kids are hooked and are coming back next season!

2016 Season Reports

U7 Great White Sharks

This year I had the privilege of coaching the U7’s Great White sharks again! Our team of five, comprised four new players, Charlotte, Layla, Aidan and Emma and the veteran Samuel. Although we only had a small team, they all performed well in every game, and their ongoing improvement was evident as the season progressed. On an individual performance
This year was Samuel’s third in the U7’s. He has developed in to a prolific goal scorer and leader on the field.
Charlotte was sensational in her first year, and Layla had a great first season and scored a few goals too. Both Aidan and Emma also excelled in their first year, and will be better for the experience.
I had so much fun coaching the U7’s. The team learned new skills such as passing and dribbling and occasionally these techniques were evident in the game.
Overall we had a fantastic season. The team really enjoyed playing hockey and hopefully will continue again next year.


U9 Zebras Sharks

Under the guidance of Chelsea and Alex the team have all developed personally and together in their hockey skills and learning positions.  Rory has learnt a lot and developed an interest in being goalie this year. Angus, SIenna and Anne were fabulous with break aways throughout the season. Jamie also enjoyed some goalie action and as the season went on played some great defence and runs out on the wing. Isabelle showed more enthusiasm as the season went on, developing in the areas of trapping and tackling. Skye who not only shot up this season, but excelled in the position of centre. Melina has been the stand out this year and voted most most improved in all areas of her hockey this year, well done. Most of all they have all enjoyed new friendships and learning throughout the season. 

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U9 Tiger Sharks

It was a great pleasure  this season to coach the U9s Tiger sharks.

The team is made up of two super fast boys, Amos and Malcolm who's skills this season have improved immensely. They are so ready to go up to Under 11s next season. Abbey, our striker moved up from minkies this year  but was game to help out in  U11s. Well done Abbey great effort this season. The cousins Ruby, Paisley and Rose are our team within a team. Passing the ball, their Get, Give, Go improved throughout the season. And last but not least our youngest members, Lucy and Grace, their ability has grown all season, running on the field with so much confidence. We can write pages about all of you, but you're not individuals, you are a team!. 

U11 BlackTip Sharks

What a great year for the U11 Blacktip Sharks  who came together to play early on Saturday mornings.  The team was supported by players from U9’s  Zebra/Tiger sharks and U11’s players from Bull Sharks.  The players all had double the time to fine tune their skills on field.  This was a great opportunity for the U9s players to step up and play on the larger field along with the experience of the U11 players.  The younger players learnt a great deal and progressed well, with the U11 players mentoring the younger players along the way. 

Each and every player progressed and developed well over the year and they all displayed a level of enthusiasm for the game. 

Thank you to the parents for arranging to bring the kids along to arrive early each Saturday morning and for the coaches’ Marisa / Tanisha to guide the Blacktips throughout the season. Keep playing hockey kids.

Richard Fink

And what an amazing team you have been this season, with the help of our lovely manager,  Renee, you have gone from strength to strength and have ended the season undefeated. That is an amazing accomplishment and we are so  proud of everyone of you

We wish Amos and Malcom  all the best as they move to the U11s  and girls we'll see you next year, with a few more players, but together forever. Thank you  to our parents for bringing you to training on Thursday night  no matter how cold it was and all their support on the side lines. Missing you all already  and can't wait to see you next season

Phoebe and Darcy

U13 Mako Sharks

We’ll what a evenly matched age group the U13 comp turned out to be. Nil all draws were the norm and ultimately the shared premiership was a fair result. At the start of the season we had a team discussion about hockey how long each player had played for and a bit of hockey history. We had players in their first year some had played since Minkies, we had players who had been in finals and some who had never won a game. My aim was to win more than we lost. We focused on building skills through drills, communication and position continuity for developing players. Each and every player developed over the year and I was very proud of every single player for their enthusiasm, dedication and effort.

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I looked forward to Thursday training because of this and thanks to all the parents and grandparents that got the kids to training and games each week. Thank you all for the gift but the best reward was an extra time grand final win and the improvement that game showed in each and every players skill level and input into the result. Keep playing hockey kids.

Andrew Bridgeman

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U15A Boshartans (SEHA)

We started the season with a major goal to learn more, play as a team, develop a better understanding of positions but generally to play hockey with the view to share the experience as a team. We decided is we put in the effort and do our best each week we would be playing good hockey. If we learnt to make the right choices when we had the ball we would pass to a our team mates and play nice hockey. Well girls you did just that. This has been our 2nd year in this comp and wow we have improved immensely. Both Emma and Kiara played fantastic in the goals and on the field. Our strikers Hannah, Taylah, Tanisha and Lili pressed like the Dutch team and made full use of the hotbox and shared the goalscoring opportunities around.

Our midfield of Morgan, Miri, April & Zoe were definitely fitter and faster the majority of the opposition and did a simply awesome job of marking, distributing and working the ball. The defence of Niamh, Anicka, Darcy and Elly were very tough and the hitting over the last few games was massively different from the slaps we were doing early on in the year. Thanks for a great year, John and I had a lot of fun watching everyone have their good and bad days but always with a smile.


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J2 Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead sharks have had a great 2016 season. Few of the girls have been together since Minkeys and over the years we have had both girls and boys join the team, however this year has seen our team become stronger with 3 new players and a fantastic goalie. The girls trained and played hard as a team. The team learnt so many new skills with the trainers and this was evident throughout each game. A big thankyou to Andrew who was at each game with lots of encouragement and support, and also Megan who did a great job managing. I hope the girls had a great season as I certainly did. 


J1 Killer Sharks
The Killer Sharks started the season with no forwards and a team of mid fielders and defenders, so we knew it was going to be a challenging season, as we have to score goals to win. As the season progressed Tiahna and Zoe stepped up and took on the role of strikers and we saw them score some great goals. They were joined by Phoebe and Darcy who also had a go at the striker role. The girls enjoyed playing with Caitlin who joined us for the first time this season. Her strength and ability really added to the team and the girls loved having her there. The girls bonded well, played well as a team and enjoyed playing together. They had a great season and were unlucky to lose the final. They were a great bunch of girls to coach. A big thanks to Matt who put up with all their antics at training. His ability to remain cool, calm and collected when they were somewhat distracted needs to be applauded. It was great to watch them all develop and I look forward to seeing them all in the women’s competition next season.

U11 Bull Sharks
The Under 11 Bull Sharks had a great season in the SEHA competition. The team was a mixture of new players and experienced players. They went through the season with only one lose and one draw. The team grew together and they all improved. Their ability to play as a team at such a young age demonstrates the ability they all have. It was a delight to see them grow and develop as a team and coach players that worked together as a team. They were always working really hard to get the ball, always fought for the ball and ran after any loose balls. The defence grew in strength with Brydie and Chloe developing great hits. The new players Erin, Summer, Annie & Eva improved so much throughout the season and they were all enthusiastic and keen to learn. The more experienced players such as Taylor, Lahni, EmiIy and Kierra did a great job guiding the less experienced player. I look forward to seeing them all grow and develop further next season. Well done to the Bull Sharks it was a great season that finished with a win in the grand final.

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